These terms and conditions include the application areas of Toobeto platform.

The access and use of the services by you assume that you have accepted these terms and conditions which constitute a current relationship between you and Toobeto. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you may not access the Services and use the Services. 

The Platform and its contents are owned and operated by Toobeto Bilişim Teknolojileri ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as "TOOBETO") at the address of Murat Reis Mahallesi Şetaret Sokak No: 46/4 Üsküdar/Istanbul.

While you (member/user) use all the services offered on the platform, you will be deemed to have accepted that you are subject to the below mentioned conditions, that by using the services of the website and by continuing to use them you declare that you have the authority, power and legal capacity to sign an agreement according to the related laws and that you are above 18 years of age and that you understood and accepted the conditions written in this agreement.

These Terms and Conditions impose rights and obligations to parties related to the platform and when the parties accept these Terms and Conditions, they will be deemed to have declared, accepted and undertaken that they will perform the said rights and obligations correctly, on time and in line with the Terms and Conditions of this platform.


This platform is open to everyone and can be used by both real persons and legal persons.

Toobeto acts as an intermediary for real persons to present, upload and publish the prices, written, audial or visual contents and information of the products that belong to the companies or products that are purchased by them from the companies through Toobeto.


The accuracy of the product and price while the price of the products belonging to the company are transferred by real person as writing, audio or visual shall be the responsibility of the real person and real person accepts the in case of any damage between the related company and the real person he/she shall be responsible and that Toobeto will not be held responsible in any way.


Legal person acknowledges and undertakes that Toobeto shall not be liable in any way that the legal person is responsible for the correctness of the prices of products transferred to the platform by the legal person and shall be responsible for any loss incurred between the legal person concerned and the real person.


User/Member accepts these terms and conditions and is deemed to have agreed and undertaken that he/she will not produce and share contents that are against general ethics, etiquette and laws, which damages the rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, violating one’s rights, against copyrights, incentive for illegal activities.

Except the people or companies that have clear authority to open accounts on behalf of their employers or customers, Toobeto forbids opening accounts on behalf of others and you accept that you will not create accounts on behalf of others.

You accept that all information you will provide while signing up to Toobeto and at other times will be true, correct, updated and complete and that you will update these information when required to keep them correct and true. You are deemed to have accepted that you will not request, collect and use the log in information and all other information of the other users who are members of Toobeto platform.


All responsibilities related to the information, service and data of the platform are waived within the scope of law. Since these information, service and data are available on the platform as they are or as they are supplied, Platform owner shall have no responsibility.


Toobeto may make changes on the data or it may remove the data from time to time without making notices. In addition, it may make changes on the terms and conditions stated here. These changes are deemed to be valid as they are placed on the platform. According to this, if you continue to log in to the platform and/or continue to use the platform, you will be deemed to have accepted the renewed rules.


We reserve the right to refuse for any reason at any time when we wish to have access to the Toobeto service. We also reserve the right to revoke the right to use any username for any reason.

It is possible to provide links of web sites and/or other contents that are not under control of Toobeto and are owned by third parties on the platform. These links are placed only to provide ease of guidance to members/users and do not support any web site or the operator of that web site. It is not qualified as any declaration or guarantee for the information contained in the web site whose link is given. Toobeto has no responsibility about the web sites and contents accessed through the links on the site and all damages to arise for the usage of these websites are under the responsibility of member/user. Toobeto may impose the access to these websites whose link is given to its own written consent and Toobeto may terminate access to links that it deems unsuitable.


In Toobeto service, the contents of Toobeto or contents licensed by Toobeto are found (“Toobeto contents”). Toobeto contents; are protected by copyrights, trademark, patent, commercial secret and other laws and between you and Toobeto all rights of Toobeto contents and services belong to Toobeto and are under protection of national and international law. You will not remove, change or hide any copyright, trademark, service brand or other ownership rights that are included in Toobeto contents or accompany these contents and you will not copy, change, adapt, derive, steal, play, view, publish, distribute, transfer, sell, license or use Toobeto contents in any other way. Visiting this platform or benefiting from the services of this platform shall not grant any right to members/users for the intellectual property rights. 

You declare, accept and undertake that you are the owner of the contents you share on Toobeto service or through Toobeto service and that the share and usage of your contents on Toobeto service or through Toobeto service will not breach or corrupt the rights of any third party including but not limited to confidentiality rights, personal rights, copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights, and that you agree to pay all royalty, fee and other amounts that is required to be paid as a result of the contents you shared on Toobeto service or through Toobeto service and that you have the legal power and authority to accept these terms and conditions.

The title and logo of Toobeto are trademarks of Toobeto and except the situations that are in compliance with our brand rules that are given in the following address, cannot be copied, imitated or used completely or partially without the written approval of Toobeto. Further, all page headings, special graphics, button symbols and codes are service brands, commercial brands and/or commercial presentation methods of Toobeto and they cannot be copied, imitated or used completely or partially without the written approval of Toobeto.

Even though the purpose of Toobeto; is to ensure that Toobeto service is usable as much as possible, Toobeto service can be interrupted including but not limited to programmed maintenance and upgrade, emergency repair and failure of telecommunication connection and/or equipment. In addition, Toobeto reserves the right to remove any contents on Toobeto service without making any notification. The contents that are removed from Toobeto service for the purpose of including but not limited to comply with some legal regulations, can be kept in storage of Toobeto but these contents cannot be taken without a valid court order. Thereby, Toobeto recommends you to back-up your personal contents. In other words, Toobeto is not a back-up service and you agree that you shall not trust Toobeto service for the back-up or storage of your contents. If Toobeto services are changed, ceased and terminated or contents are lost, Toobeto shall not have any obligation towards you. In addition, you agree that you are subject to internet security breaches and that sending contents or other information will not be safe.


Toobeto shall not disclose the personal information given by users on the platform to third parties. These personal information includes all other information for the identification of the member/user such as individual’s name-surname, mobile phone, e-mail address, and shall be referred to as “Confidential Information”. However if member/user wishes, they can disclose it themselves. In such case, he/she accepts that all responsibility will belong to him/her.

Confidential Information will be disclosed to official authorities if the official authorities request these information properly and if the provisions of the applicable legislation make it mandatory to disclose these information to official authorities. (For example; the information requested by Courts during Law and/or Criminal Procedure etc.)


Member/User is responsible for the security of his/her own password and account in the platform and third party platforms. You accept and undertake that you will not hold Toobeto company responsible for the possible data loss and security breach and hardware or device damages.


The articles of these terms and conditions shall be valid in maximum as they are permitted by applicable law. The services offered by Toobeto are offered on the basis of “as is” and “as possible” and including all implicit guarantees on fitness for a specific purpose and non-breach, there is no exclusive and implicit, legal or other guarantee related to the services or application (including all information contained therein).


If the platform becomes unusable due to events such as natural disasters, fire, explosion, civil war, unrest, civil commotion, declaration of mobilization, strike, lockout and epidemic, infrastructure and internet failures, power failure which are beyond the control of Toobeto, member/user accepts that Toobeto will not be responsible in such case. Therefore, if the operations and/or movements performed by member/user in platform are not recorded, deleted or become lost, it is accepted that Toobeto will not be responsible in any way.


If one of these terms and conditions becomes partially or wholly invalid, the remaining part of the agreement will continue to remain valid.

The effective date of these terms of use is 01 February 2017. These terms of use are written in Turkish. If the translation of these terms of use into any foreign language conflicts with the written text, the Turkish text shall prevail.


All notices to be made to the parties with respect to these terms and conditions shall be made through Toobeto's known e-mail address and the e-mail address specified on the user's membership form. The user acknowledges and promises that the address that he/she specified as a member is the address of valid notification, that he/she will notify the other party in writing within five (5) days of the change, otherwise the notice to be made to this address is valid.


In case of any disputes to arise between the parties (real and/or legal person) in relation to these terms and conditions, the books, records and documents and computer records and fax records of the parties shall be considered as evidences in according to the Civil Procedure Code No 6100, and member/user accepts and undertakes that they will not object to these records.


Istanbul (Center) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized for the settlement of all disputes arising from the application and/or interpretation of these usage conditions."


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